So here we are

Funny how a blog about self-improvement can go on without an update for close to a year and when he finally makes it back to post an update, there’s nothing new. I pretty much took the whole damn year off from running but have still been going to CrossFit regularly. I’ve noticed a difference in… Continue reading So here we are

Running buddy

There’s a small park close to my house that is relatively wooded and has a decent size (for suburban Chicago) lake in the middle. It has a decent amount of wildlife, which is more prominent in the summer, but there’s a year-round resident who camps out in the middle of a marsh I came across… Continue reading Running buddy

I am a terrible marathon runner

So Grandma’s weekend came and went, and I didn’t die…but that’s pretty much it. I didn’t do anything else worthy of praise either. It was pretty much the hardest race I’ve run since I started running competitively, and I’m pretty certain that it’s the last marathon for me.

Getting closer!

I’m about five weeks out from Grandma’s and training is going well, despite really not committing to any kind of schedule through winter. My longest run so far has been twelve miles and I’m mixing some shorter runs in during the week and haven’t felt anything that seems like I might run into trouble like… Continue reading Getting closer!

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The Struggle

So much comes from the will to motivate yourself, as does the lack of it. At this point, I’m behind on this year’s training, partially due to the crappy weather we’ve been having and in part due my increased attendance at CrossFit.

Shoes – New Balance Minimus 40 Trainer

As far as CrossFit goes, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with general-purpose trainers. When I first started I used some New Balance Minimus 10v2s that I got from REI on clearance and liked them pretty much all around except that there was almost no heel stability. I occasionally used whatever running shoes I was training… Continue reading Shoes – New Balance Minimus 40 Trainer

New Beginning

So here I am, 42 and thirty pounds overweight with two marathons and several other races facing me in the upcoming months. I can’t blame anyone, I did this to myself, starting about 24 years ago with the intake of way too much breakfast cereal, submarine sandwiches and pizza.