Can I do better?

I’ve been asking myself this question A LOT lately. And yeah, I can do better, at pretty much everything. I’m not necessarily picking on myself for anything in particular but as I assess the things in my life that matter: my family, my health, my career … I’m positive that consistently trying to improve should be my ultimate goal. Not just for myself but for the betterment of those that matter most. Because everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face.

It’s hard to believe that one of the most ridiculed figures would be responsible for one of the most poignant quotes but there it is. I would very much like to believe I’ll be able to protect my family from the nasty things in the universe but that’s not only unrealistic, it’s irresponsible and they deserve better.

This post could easily evolve into a list of famous quotes, each with their own inspirational value, but that’d be too much salt in the sauce. I’m not great at picking one thing and focusing on it, making a plan and executing it to the end but when I do, things come out better than if I just rely on some sort of inspirational soup from day to day.

I can do better and will. Just one thing at a time. Until I get punched in the face.