What’s New?

A large span of internet silence from someone with an online presence, even a minimal one, can generally mean they’re busy with life … I guess? Not the case here. Sure, work is busier than it’s been in awhile but that’s no excuse to stop thinking, at least it shouldn’t be. And how many times does someone take a break from posting only to come back and post about not posting before it becomes annoying? Probably about this many times.

This blog is meant to be about how I workout or train for something and that hasn’t happened in awhile either meaning I’m reporting on the nothing I’m doing with myself.


I am feeling restless and a bit anxious so that usually means I need to change something since I’m comfortable. I like comfortable, it’s easy and it feels good. On the other hand, I’m physically uncomfortable since I’m not training for anything or working out in pretty much any way. I’ve traded one nicely earned soreness for a shameful one. No real reason for it, which is also very boring. What I’m trying to get to is that life has been fairly boring and yet again here I am not doing anything about it. It’s kinda good cause sometimes boring means things are ok.

This summer has had it’s ups and downs with a couple family members health but nothing serious, just annoying. I’m actually posting this from day surgery at the nearby hospital cause my wife is in for a procedure to help out with something that flared up. Again, nothing serious but it’s really obvious that getting old sucks lately.

What I have learned in my time off is that working out improves my mood and I sleep better. I’m not by any means plagued with sleep issues but I do notice that quality of sleep is better with regular exercise. Duh. Also, digestive issues are much less. Again, duh. I’ve discovered that a small bit of experimentation with CBD oil to manage IBS has actually worked, or really seems to have helped. I threw everything at it too, all the trigger foods and symptoms seem much less. Not like while constantly working out but enough that I’m still using it. Maybe a little less stressed too because of it? Not sure … maybe.

My youngest broke his collarbone at the beginning of the summer and I thought it was going to be a big issue but he was really bounced back super quick. It was more of an issue to keep him sitting still than pain management or any kind of discomfort. We’re past the six week mark at this point so everything should be okey doke. I broke mine twice as a child but can’t remember too much about the healing process.

I’ve gotten out on my bike a bit, which has been super nice. Especially since I’ve got really nice paths nearby and it’s easier to go farther without feeling like I’m going to die (read: I’ve gotten chubby).

Blah, blah, blah, less talk, more work. Cheers!