Eating clean – A two day experiment

As I get older, I’m starting to notice how my body isn’t taking to certain foods the way it used to. Dairy and fried foods are the main culprits I’ve come to realize definitely don’t sit well but sugar rich foods, especially cheap baked goods, are likely to be added to a “why bother” list of things I won’t eat.

Yesterday, I ate how I usually eat when I plan out my meals. I had oatmeal with chia seeds and a banana for breakfast, chicken breast with roasted vegetables and a salad with beets and zucchini for lunch and turkey tacos for dinner. Result: felt great!

Today, I had McDonald’s for breakfast and lunch, a donut around 10:00am and a monster energy drink after lunch that I bought at a gas station where I filled up. I haven’t had dinner yet but pretty much no matter what I eat, it will be a better choice than everything else. Result: feel crappy, falling asleep at 3:00pm.

I need no further evidence that my diet needs improvement and that my body is definitely responding to what I eat as I get older. I’m not even enjoying eating poorly so it’s obviously time to address the issue.

Renaissance Periodization

Since I apparently have diet tourette’s, I’m gonna just put this out there: I’m starting RP (probably next week). A bunch of people at my box have had great success with it and it comes with a template that tells you what to buy and when to eat, based on the time of day you workout or what do eat on rest days. I’m doing the basic cut template and a lot of what’s involved I’m doing already on the weekends with meal prep anyway so I’m hoping this will all so fairly smooth. Continue reading “Renaissance Periodization”

New Beginning

So here I am, 42 and thirty pounds overweight with two marathons and several other races facing me in the upcoming months. I can’t blame anyone, I did this to myself, starting about 24 years ago with the intake of way too much breakfast cereal, submarine sandwiches and pizza. Continue reading “New Beginning”